Anywhere Working

Offices traditionally were the only place where a business could effectively provide a fitting working environment to it's employees. Everyone would congregate in a single building or site and that place would provide a stable working environment. This offered a decent working experience for employees and gave the experience to customers which the business was keen to provide.

Working From Anywhere

However, in 2017 we are no longer tied to geographic boundries and landlocked infrastructure. Being able to provide flexible working locations enables us to do business where not possible before. This may help companies save money on office space, retain employees who would otherwise leave, and provide a wider pool of applicants who prefer or need to work from a non-office-based location. Furthermore, it arguably increases staff motivation and productivity, as well as offering a better work-life balance.

Remote Work Space

With a reasonable internet or cellular connection is it now possible to offer all the infrastructure which was previously only available 'at the office' in the home or on a train. This can include:

  • Secure computer workspace - working from your office desktop with access to the files and applications as you would do 'in the office'.
  • Secure and high specification voice services - every service you have in the office such as Contact Centre, Unified Messaging, CTI and Direct Dialling can be provided at home or on a mobile phone.

Working Remotely

Whether you or your employees need to work at another location permanently, or for a few days, weeks or months, matching the office experience as closely as possible is vital. Speak to us about the best ways to make your business communications more flexible.