NEC Univerge SV8100 Desktop Suite

A significant component of NEC’s approach to help companies unify their business communications. For use on the SV8100 Communications Server, it combines the functionality of three products, PC Assistant, PC Attendant and the SP310 Softphone. With the Desktop Suite, your company can provide customers the attention they deserve. It can increase employee collaboration and provide the enhanced productivity needed in today’s increasingly mobile world.

PC Assistant

The Desktop Suite’s PC Assistant enables workers to get more done in less time by giving them the ability to manage telephone sets on their desktop PCs. With just a few clicks of the mouse, users can easily access features such as speed dialling, call management and contact lookup while benefitting from seamless CRM integration. And, thanks to the robust networking capabilities of the UNIVERGE SV8100, all extensions can be networked on a single SV8100 system running the Desktop Suite.

A Simple Interface with a Flexible Directory.

Rather than remembering feature codes, SV8100 users simply click easy-to-understand icons on their computer screens for functions including Hold, Transfer, Conference, Park, and Barge-in. The PC Assistant also simplifies call management by keeping track of current call status. For example, when no call is active, the Answer, Transfer, and Conference icons are dimmed and cannot be selected. This simple interface is clear and easy for users to understand.

PC Assistant also makes it easy to look up a telephone number and place a call. Directories are flexible and accessible because its database is confi gured to display as the user wishes. The search function narrows the database displayed as the name is typed in the search box. So, when the user zooms in on the correct name, he or she can automatically dial any of the party’s listed telephone numbers with one mouse click.

CRM integration

PC Assistant integrates with popular contact and CRM applications to leverage their information. SV8100 systems can be confi gured to perform a search in the user’s Outlook database when a call comes in. It can also display an Outlook contact window with the caller’s contact information. This feature dramatically improves customer service and satisfaction by enabling users to reference existing customer information rather than collecting it again. The application can also dial calls using Outlook by simply opening the Outlook contact window and clicking Dial. Once the dialled call is answered, all of the SV8100 feature icons for active calls are available. Users can disconnect a call through either PC Assistant or Outlook.

NEC SV8100 Desktop CTI and Presence Software

Call logging and Recording

All calls made or received via users’ desktop phones are automatically entered into the Call Log while the Desktop Suite is running. Call Log keeps a complete record of all calls made (even those made manually). Additionally, calls can be recorded to the Call Log and saved as .wav files.

PC Attendant

The Desktop Suite’s PC Attendant helps improve call management and increase productivity by placing a complete attendant console right on the operator’s PC. It enables operators to work more efficiently by giving them the ability to transfer and manage calls on-screen through a completely intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). The operator can perform common user functions such as Transfer, Park and Page with a single mouse click. In many ways, PC Attendant provides the functionality of PC Assistant for Operators. For example, a popup window displays when a call comes in through PC Attendant. The operator handles the call by clicking on that window. Caller-ID functions are displayed on-screen, and the operator can access information about a requested line’s status. Additionally, transferring calls, parking them or taking a message can be done with a simple mouse click, so the operator can work on other projects on the PC without ever missing a call or interrupting her or his work.

PC Attendant’s CRM integration includes the same feature set and functionality as those of PC Assistant. It also integrates with CRM applications including Microsoft Outlook and can be configured to search the Outlook database and display matching information when a call is received from a number included in the database. Other features shared by the two programs are Call Log and Record. Every call made or received on a desk phone while PC Attendant is active, is entered into the Call Log. Call Log can be used at any time to see all calls made – including those dialled manually – through Attendant, Outlook or another CRM application. Calls can even be dialled easily from the Call Log and recorded through PC Attendant’s record function. Recorded calls (stored as .wav files) can be replayed through the PC, archived or emailed.

In addition to the shared functionality, PC Attendant includes other features specifically geared for attendant use.


PC Attendants can be networked on a single system, providing businesses the opportunity to ensure that operator positions are attended at all times.

Integrated intelligence

The PC Attendant enables operators to monitor extensions, virtual extensions and outside lines. For even quicker access to information, a business’s departments or groups can be segmented and arranged under tabs. The operator can determine the status of a specific monitored extension with a glance. If an operator transfers a call to a busy line, an option menu displays that provides the ability to transfer the call to voice mail and set auto callback. A call log records each user’s incoming and outgoing calls as well as each call’s time, date, call length and caller ID information.

Enhanced message management

Using the PC Attendant’s quick message function, the operator can send a personalized message to a user’s PC or directly to a Multi-line Display telephone. These quick messages alert the user that a call is waiting and offers a choice of four responses either via PC or through pressing a soft key on the telephone.

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