Building A Contact Centre

A purpose built contact centre is often the perfect way to manage your client's experience. We can bring you the ability to measure and enhance your service levels by enabling both humans and computers to route and offer different types of contact to members of staff or automated service. A streamlined contact centre will also lower abandonment rates, minimise operating costs, increase staff productivity, improve response times and allow you to manage all customer contact from one solution.

It is also true that productivity increases when staff can readily view the team's and each other's performance.

Providing A Purpose Built Contact Centre.

A modern contact centre can provide a single solution for managing all forms of contact for your organisation. This can include:

  • Telephone Calls Inbound
  • Telephone Calls Outbound (or responses)
  • Web Callbacks (chosen by a customer via an online form)
  • Email Queues
  • Fax Queues
  • Web Chat

Route Calls To The Right Person Every Time.

Our contact centre solution allows managers to maximise the efficiency of your organisation by giving team members control over the delivery of phone, email, fax or web initiated requests. This can improve customer experience by reducing call handling and waiting times. It can also maximise your labour efficiency and minimise operating costs by enabling staff to deal with many different types of enquiry in an informed manner, but also will automatically prioritise enquiries that are the speciality.

You will also obtain full and meaningful reports on every aspect of your communications - live and historical.

Control The Team Efficiently.

Agent Desktop is a CTI application which provides the team with screen pops for incoming calls. These present vital information including caller details, type of enquiry, the number which the caller rang, information about previous enquiries, waiting time and lots of other special details. Team members can also view or each other's performance and availability, encouraging them to become more goal-oriented and require less supervision.

Features And Benefits For Managers:

Have a clear view of all team and communications activity with live and historical statistics.
Use visual and audible alerts when calls have been waiting too long, there are too many calls or insufficient staff are available.
Monitoring ability so that supervisors can listen to conversations and intrude if necessary.
Remotely log in team members or put them into a break more, adjust their priority for types of calls, etc.

Utilise Process Automation To Take Care Of Mundane And Time Consuming Tasks.

Don't keep callers guessing while they are waiting - Abandoned calls often mean lost business. With Custom Announce, you can reduce abandoned calls by providing messages to the caller and their position in the queue or estimated time before they speak to an agent.

The built-in Automated Attendant also ensures callers are transferred to the most appropriate team member based on the customer's information such as selecting an option from a list, the number they are calling from or by entering reference or PIN number.

Give Your Callers A Choice.

Callback allows you to differentiate from the competition by offering callers a choice - eliminating the frustration of waiting in a queue. Callback also reduces the cost to callers by not having to wait on the line while in a queue. Callback is a viable alternative to waiting on hold, lowers telecommunication costs (if they are not waiting on your freephone number line) and improves customer satisfaction.

Empowering Your Customers To Maximise Their Resources.

Dynamic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) enables callers to use their touch tone phones to request information. Callers can perform routing transactions and receive the information they require without the need to wait or interact with a human being. A good example of this is to request the redelivery of a parcel.

Skills Based Routing.

Multimedia Queuing delivers all communications to your agents in a familiar and unified way - via separate and intertwined queues. This not only allows for a fair distribution of workload amongst employees but also best routes enquiries to the most appropriately skilled agent. Running reports on these types of contact centre also enables manager to take an informed view as to how their business best operates and perhaps what customers want.

We offer a fully integrated, single solution - handling all telephone, email, web and fax enquiries in a fair and appropriate manner.

Record Calls Effortlessly.

Whether recording conversations to mitigate risk, for compliance requirements or simply to measure the standard of service you provide - we can provide an integrated solution which can verify verbal transactions and use them to improve customer experience.

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