Cloud UC Communicator

As part of our Cloud UC solution, we introduce the UC Communicator.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a single app that lets you connect, share, create, meet, and work with colleagues and customers, from the device of your choice? The Cloud UC Communicator is ideal for business professionals who collaborate in cross-functional, distributed, or global organizations. Communicator lets you quickly find colleagues, start a voice or video call, share files and screens, and even seamlessly move your call with you to another device.

The UC Communicator is an end user application that runs on all major desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, working with or without a fixed desk telephone or walkabout device. This enables users to access business communications and collaboration services from their favorite devices - wherever they happen to be.

  • Increase reachability via a single login on many devices. Enable all users to work in any workspace, regardless of location or type of internet connection.
  • Always Available to check presence, instant message, share files, collaborate with other apps, desktops and get information quickly.
  • Call with video one-to-one or 32-person video conferencing. Build consensus and improve understanding with visual cues.
  • Streamline workflow via integration to virtually any CRM package, including Salesforce, and MS Dynamics-based applications, such as the Dealer Management System, Incadea.
  • Eliminate capital costs and reduce operational expenses - no need for a PBX, servers, telephone lines or phone bills.
  • Improve teamwork by bringing together individuals and workgroups in geographically distant locations.
  • Enable contact centre agents to work anywhere, with flexible workspace and mitigate disasters or unusual weather conditions.
  • Desktop Share to give a project, or pitch team the ability to view demos and presentations in real time, on any device.
  • Record calls we can ensure PCI-compliant call recordings are made when you need them and conform to GDPR.

As part of a combined Cloud UC service, you will find that you can save money by ditching expensive server and PBX hardware, decommission disparate conference solutions which are complicated to setup and limited in use, cancel old phone lines (ISDN is being decommissioned soon!) and provide a single, coherent UC strategy to your management team.

Keeping Employees Connected

Remaining connected from wherever employees happen to be working is critical to achieving goals. Too many apps, combined with a distant or mobile workforce, can create fragmented communications experiences that result in poor teamwork, broken processes and slow responses to customers. Keep it simple with one tool that lets you call, message and meet from anywhere and on any device.

You choose how you want to work! On your PC, tablet or smartphone. Simplify your life with full blown collaboration when you’re not at your desk - our Cloud Communicator brings important business capabilities to your mobile device, keeping you connected even when you’re on the train. It’s fully integrated with your corporate directory and other business tools. 

A quick search gets you to the right person, one swipe gets you to the right email or document. And all you need is one device for work or play. 

Key components of the Communicator

True Mobility - Log in and out on any device which is most practical to you at the time. Initiate or respond to communication on any phone or app at any time.

Unify Communications - Connect your personal hub to a variety of apps and services to integrate files, calendars, emails, messages, contact lists into one place.

HD Video and Voice Calling - Highest quality voice and video helps make both one-on-ones and group conferences much more productive.

Virtual Meeting Room - My Room is your virtual meeting space where you and your team can meet at any time for a productive collaboration session. Initiate meetings on the fly or schedule them securely via your calendar.

File Sharing - It’s super easy and secure to share files of any type. Simply drag your file or click on the paper click icon.

Set Call Forwarding - Can’t accept calls right now? You decide when and where your calls should forward somewhere else.

Instant Messaging - When you can’t talk, simply send a quick message and stay connected to your teams regardless of where you are.

Screen Sharing - You’re one click away from sharing your desktop, no need to launch a separate web conferencing app.

View Your Call and Message History - Missed a call? No worries, Communicator keeps all your call and message history right at your fingertips.

Do Not Disturb - Need to focus on an urgent project? Put yourself in do not disturb mode and let your calls roll to VoiceMail.

Integrated Contact Centre - participate in multi media queues including calls, emails, instant messages and social media from any location.

Privacy - Make calls from your work number and keep your mobile number private.

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