The Omni Channel Contact Centre

A multimedia contact centre is a crucial part in any business or organisation’s contact strategy - which is tasked to deliver the best experience possible for each and every client interaction. Being able to change and adapt to the evolving requirements of your customers, many of whom wish to communicate using a variety of technologies and devices.

The key the success of this strategy is being able to embrace new technologies which exceed client expectations.

In doing so, you can also improve your staff productivity and reduce operating costs.


  • Unify all aspects of your client contact centre
  • Single interface for multiple channels of communication on a single interface
  • Deliver a constant high level of service
  • Combine staff productivity and efficiency regardless of their location
  • Improve agent productivity by providing consistent information and functionality
  • Cross-deployment options and independance from any other particular system
  • Improve resource management by using intelligient message routing
  • Provide managers and supervisers with the tools for enhanced administration and agent optimisation
  • Improve first-call resolution by routing enquiries to the right person, the first time contact is made
  • Modular components future proof your contact centres

Dialogue with Clients on their Terms

in 2018, people wish to communicate at all hours of the day and using a variety of methods. However there is still an expectation of a consistently high and professional level of service. Client expect your business or organisation to support their preferred choice of means and they often expect to to do this at a time of day that is convenient to them.

ProAction Networks provide contact centres across the world which provide a flexible ‘always available', or 'follow the sun' availability with consistent experience across all methods of communication.

aside from improving the customer's experience, allowing choice often results in more profitable interactions. It's been proven that multi-channel consumers spendg 20-30% more than single channel consumers.

Switching to multi-channel communications can directly impact your bottom line.

Exceeding Your Requirements

ProAction Networks supplies and custom-builds a comprehensive suite of contact centre solutions. Our solutions are used by businesses and organisations of all shapes, sizes and complexities - around the globe and successfully enable end users to the practical ability to provide excellent customer service and improve operational efficiencies.

Every business, or organisation is unique and, as a result has different operational and financial objectives. We can enable you to choose the method of deployment which is perfect for your requirements. ProAction Networks can provide a full range of multi-channel contact centre solutions including on-premises, traditional deployments through to private, public or community cloud deployments.

An Integrated Perspective

We provide a single, unified app to manage all of your operations. This includes

  • Interactions
  • Reports
  • Live statistics
  • Queues
  • IVR
  • Self Service
  • Administration
  • Recording
  • Outbound Dialling

By integrating all these aspects of service, you improve productivity by speeding up implementation, streamlining operations, and reducing the cost of management and maintenance. By increasing agent efficiency, you also enhance the quality of your customer care.

Interacting Across Multi Media

Our multi-channel contact centres provide the flexibility to enhance or reconfigure functionality as and when requirements or budgets change. This enables UK businesses and organisations to speedily modify their contact centre into a true multi-channel contact centre whilst enabling customers the choice to communicate on their own terms.

  • Inbound and Outbound Telephone Calls
  • Callback Queuing on Inbound Telephone Enquiries
  • Email
  • Fax Sending and Receiving
  • SMS (Test Messaging)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Web Chat
  • Co-browsing and Collaboration

Intelligent Routing

All forms of contact can be seamlessly blended, tracked and reported in a single, integrated, cross-platform application. This inclues queuing and routing intelligence and all can follow the same or separate call flow and routing rules.

Additionally, simple user experience scripting tools enable advanced data-driven and skills-based route plans which can be modified on the fly, and from any location.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response and Self Service

By using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to automate routine enquiries, UK businesses and organisations can capture customer information at the immediate point of contact so you can direct calls to the most appropriate agent. This method of authentication can also shift high-value client to the front of the queue, or to a particular agent.

If you offer customers callback options during their wait to answer, you can reduce peaks in call volume and increase agent productivity during less busy times. You can also measure customer satisfaction with instant post-call surveys.

Multi-channel Recording

ProAction Networks deliver integrated, feature rich call recording capabilities. Our solutions for call recording capture either all calls or only all agent calls, from any channel - e-mail and voice messages, chat, telephone, screen and VoIP - providing a complete record of all interactions. If necessary, we can compresses call data in real time, protect it, reduce the size by over 700 percent and store all sessions automatically in a centrally located (and backed up)database.

Optimise Your Performance in the Contact Centre

Performance monitoring apps can provide contact centre supervisors with a quick and clear overview of real time sitations, historical performance and trends, as well as improving everyone's ability to manage exceptions on the fly by using real-time data. Leveraging real time and historical intelligence, managers can create accurate forecasts and more informed decisions regarding individual and entire contact centre performance.

Return on Your Contact Centre Investment

Utilise your staff time and improve their productivity by automating their roles to reach out to your customers during off-peak periods. This can automatically offer outbound calls to staff.

You can conduct surveys to gain vital insights into your customers’ needs and wants. Lift customer satisfaction by proactively contacting them with relevant information. Test the effectiveness of various sales approaches and chart overall results with powerful reporting tools.

Live Presence

Out-of-the-box integrated presence information streamlines dialling and reduces unsuccessful call transfers via the touch of a button. Agents can see the status and availability of everyone within the organisation, in real-time and ‘click-to-dial’ functionality streamlines the processes involved in starting or transferring an interaction.

Engaging Your Staff

By harmonising cross-channel contact management with Customer Relations Management (CRM) applications, we give organisations a detailed view of how and when customers want to contact them.

With modular functionality, you can respond quickly to changing demands, and create an even better customer experience. Through intelligent routing and increasing the variety of work and matching it to your agents abilities, agents have the right tools to achieve their targets and improve efficiency while reducing stress, attrition and absenteeism.

Integrating with Custom Applications and Tools

ProAction Networks is a specialist developer and supplier of integration capabilities with external systems such as directories and CRM systems. Our expertise and purpose built systems mean integrations are completed much less expensively than in legacy environments and in hours or days rather than weeks and months.

Scaling With Changing Budgets

Our Multi-channel Contact Centre solutions are designed to scale and grow as your business expands. From small enterprises through to carrier-sized systems, Enghouse Interactive’s solutions deliver optimal performance regardless of call volume or number of agents.

Virtual Call Centre

The virtual call centre allows organisations to manage and use agents in multiple locations as a single entity, providing every agent with all functions and features, and enables seamless call routing and transferring across the organisation.

Mature, Field-Proven, Design For All Platforms

The evolution to multi-channel communication has gained tremendous momentum in recent years. With over 25 years experience developing solutions that consistently exceed the expectations of our customers and partners, Enghouse has an enviable pedigree. Our solutions have been proven worldwide with thousands of systems and millions of agents using our contact centre technology worldwide. We enable organisations to leverage existing contact centre technology and applications, overlaying additional functionality and enabling the contact centre to flex with demand. In addition, all our solutions support the full range of deployment methods from premise-based, through to private, public or community cloud and even hybrid requirements.

Making The Right Choice

An effective customer contact strategy connects customers with business processes within your organisation whilst managing their experience and delivering a good outcome to both parties.

Our proven capacity for proposing the correct solution for your organisation for your contact centre investment and the rise in cloud services allows us to offer innovative features, as well as fully scalable solutions. There are some key areas to consider on your journey to contact centre efficiency:

Contact Centre for Enterprise - Our Enterprise solution comprises of a PBX/IP PBX independent enterprise grade solution. Leverage your existing technology investments with modular deployments maxmising your ROI. Based on the most current industry standards advance seamless integration with external applications maybe deployed in a single locations or across multiple physical locations and business groups. All of this provides your organisation with a cohesive network that consistently supports complex customer interaction with the security that your mission - critcal applications are in house.

Cloud Contact Centre - Our cloud solution helps to remove the hassle and expense of managing a system and at the same time gives you a fully featured, flexible, utility based model that is future proofed. Through our Service Providers we offer global capabilities with access to flex agents numbers up and down, enabling you to trial new strategies at a reduced risk - a quicker time to market. Changes can be made immediately with powerful administration tools allowing visibilty and control. Connecting your customers and agents anywhere.

Communications Centre - Our CC solution gives the same functionality and access but can scale down to 5 seats. Bringing smaller or the non traditional contact centres, such as helpdesk, service centres into the 21st Century, with Phone, fax, email, text, web chat, social media and post all in one place. Allowing you to mitigate risk and provides the freedom to choose the platform that’s right for you, without having to give up full-featured contact centre functionality. Begin with the foundation module, you can add functionality as your needs and budget dictate.

Our solutions scale from a single site call reception console to multi-tenanted, multi-media contact centres with users in excess of 10,000. We have more than 1 million agent seats handling over 1 billion interactions through our systems daily – making Enghouse Interactive one of the biggest providers of customer contact solutions in the world.

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